You may have encountered any of the following:

  • A friend or family member tried to reach you by long distance, VOIP carrier or from a mobile phone, but the call didn't complete... or you find out that the call rang on their end, but your phone was silent the whole time.
  • The phone rang on your end, but you couldn't hear the caller's voice once you picked up.
  • The calling party received a message that your number had been disconnected or was no longer in service.
  • A call came through to you, but the quality was poor.
  • A call came through, but the caller ID was incorrect.

If you've experienced any of these frustrating situations, you're not alone. In fact, rural consumers in 36 states have experienced the problem.

While we recognize that this impacts you, our valued customer, we want you know that the issue does not reside with Hamilton Telephone Company. Every call that Hamilton receives is delivered to the customer. Hamilton's state of the art network is constantly tested and reliable. If a call reaches Hamilton's network, it is completed. However, if the call is never delivered to Hamilton's network, we are powerless to complete the call. In short, the issue lies with the company that originates the incoming calls outside of Hamilton's service area.

Hamilton would like to shed light on the problem behind dropped and delayed calls, as well as help our customers get resolution. We've created the following Rural Call Completion FAQ to help you understand and find a solution to this problem.

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