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To Use Call Waiting:

Hearing a short beep in your earphone while you are on a call is your signal: someone else is trying to call you.

Place your current call on hold by pressing and releasing the switch hook.

You will automatically be connected to the second caller (first call is on hold).

Pressing and releasing switch hook for about 1 second will allow you to alternate between parties; each call is private.


Canceling Call Waiting turns off Call Waiting on a per call basis and eliminates Call Waiting tones from interrupting regular conversations, Internet, computer modem or facsimile transmissions.

To Cancel Call Waiting During a Call:

Lift receiver and listen for dial tone.

Press *70 (rotary phones dial 1170).

Enter the number you wish to call.


To Use Cancel Call Waiting During a Call: (requires Three-Way Calling or Call Hold feature).

Depress switch hook for 1 sec. to put call on hold.

Listen for 3 beeps and press *70 (rotary phones dial 1170).

Wait for automatic reconnection to existing call.

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