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To Program Speed Calling 8 or 30:

1. Select a one-digit code (number 2-9) for Speed Calling 8. Select a two-digit code (numbers 20-49) for Speed Calling 30 for each number you want to program.

2. Speed Calling 8 - Press *74 (rotary phones dial 1174).

2. Speed Calling 30 - Press *75 (rotary phones dial 1175).

4. Listen for dial tone. Enter the code you have selected and the complete telephone number, including the 1+ area code for long distance numbers. Three beeps confirm your entry.

To change a number stored in memory: Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3. The old numbers will be automatically replaced.

How to Use Speed Calling 8 or 30:

Simply press the Speed Calling digits that correspond to the number you want to call.

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