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Personalized Ringing:

Personalized Ringing allows you to have up to four phone numbers with a single phone line. When called, each number has its own distinctive ring. This feature is great for teenagers, roommates or home-based businesses. Personalized Ringing can help you create an individual identity. The distinctive ring also can help you identify incoming calls as to the type of call or whom it is for — before you answer. Personalized ringing gives you some of the benefits of a second line at a fraction of the cost. This feature works with Call Waiting (each Personalized Ringing number has a distinctive beep) and Caller ID features.

To Use Unique Ring:

Press *61.

Listen for an announcement telling you whether the feature currently is on or off. A pre-recorded voice will then tell you how many (if any) numbers currently are stored on your Unique Ring list.

Follow the voice instructions and press 3 to turn the feature on (if it is currently off) or to turn the feature off (if it currently is on).

Refer to your “Building Your Personal Calling List” card.

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