Sure, wireless phones offer you convenience, letting you talk from virtually any location. What you may not realize is that they can’t provide all the advantages of landline phones. That’s why the FCC says, “A combination of landline and wireless phone use may be the right choice for you.”

Landline phone service gives you:

Reliability. You can count on constant connections, since power outages won’t affect your landline phone service.

Safety. 911 operators receive your exact location automatically when you call whether you have the capability of speaking or not.

Cost Savings. Enjoy unlimited local calling without having to worry about minutes or extra charges.

Dependable Quality. When was the last time your landline phone dropped an important phone call?

Directory Listings. When you subscribe to landline phone service, your number is listed in the local phone book.

Hometown Connection. When you need help, Hamilton Telecommunications is close by to provide local customer service. Plus, your communications dollars stay here to boost our local economy.


It just makes sense to include landline phone service as a part of your communications mix. To learn more about land line services or how to set up a landline call us at 402-694-5101 or use our New Service Request form to place an order.

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