One great way to stay connected to family and friends across the country is through frequent long distance calls. You can swap stories, catch up on what’s new, and talk over life’s challenges. There’s something about hearing the sound of a familiar voice that’s simply irreplaceable.

Is the cost of your current long distance plan holding you back from placing calls more often? Then take a look at the affordable long distance options available from Hamilton Long Distance. 

We offer a variety of plans with rates so low, you can relax and enjoy leisurely conversations without worrying about the cost. And in celebration of Mother’s Day, we want to make it easier than ever to stay close to those you care about. Ask us about the special incentives we’re offering in May to new long distance customers. You’ll be delighted at how much you could save.

 For complete details on our current long distance offers, call us at 402-694-5101 or visit online at

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